I Opened My Daughter’s Room Without Knocking, And I Saw The Most Heartbreaking

I have an 18-year-old daughter known as Janet. She is a very calm and resourceful girl, or, so I thought because of the way she has been able to make a lot of money from working online.

She just gained admission into the university of her choice and she has never for once complained about school. Most times I call her to ask her what she needs, but most times she asks me not to worry.
I have sent her money countless times and she didn’t even call back to thank me. Whenever I ask she ends up telling me that she didn’t notice it because she has been receiving lots of alerts from some of the jobs she has done online so she doesn’t notice.
She always apologizes, and I ask her to always try to check her phone to see the alerts.
Her mother also always gets concerned most times because our daughter seems to be self-sufficient in school. It was her holiday period, Hallelujah! I couldn’t wait to see my lovely daughter Jane. She called that she would be arriving on Sunday. We were expecting her.
She finally came and we spent the whole night talking about her school. The next day she said she would be continuing her online work at home and wouldn’t want to be disturbed, so we agreed.
This continued for weeks and she spent most of her time in her room doing her job. We always heard her talk but we used to think she was either running a YouTube channel or speaking on the phone.
On one faithful Tuesday, I guess she forgot to lock her door with a key like she always did, so I decided to check up on her. I opened the door without knocking, and what I saw really through me off-guard, it was the most heartbreaking thing any father could ever see.
I saw my daughter unclad speaking to someone on her laptop. She was shocked and quickly went to look for clothes to cover her body. I looked at her screen and I saw a white man who seemed confused.
I could hear him say “baby where are you”.
I was heartbroken, so this is what my daughter was doing to earn some money in school. She was just crying, I called on her mother, and immediately her mother came and I explained she fainted.
This has really been devastating for me.

If It Was You What Will You Do?

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